WWW not working on domain, then add CNAME

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When I purchased domain and website from whois.com, they linked  the domain to the site automatically. This is easy to use, many of hosting service provide like this way. Anyone who doesn’t know about DNS, Apache or programming can build website easily. What a good service it is!

But wait, something is missed, www is not automatically recognized. When I type www.tituschoi.com on the browser, it goes to yahoo home page! What a crap! So I decide to fix this.

Here’s how to.

  1. Go to your domain setup page. In my case, I logged in whois.com > DNS management
    whois.com dis management
  2. When opened DNS information page, click CNAME. You need to add CNAME. This is also used for adding subdomain. input Value as www. TTL is not much important, just leave it default value.
    domain CNAME setup
  3. After add CNAME, you can see it like this.
    DNS CNAME add
  4. When you ping it from terminal, it doesn’t work. But this is normal. It takes up to 3 days to be applied to DNS servers. In my case, it just took overnight.
    cname ping subdomain

Relax, time heals all wounds!

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