Install phpMyAdmin ubuntu via command line

phpMyAdmin is useful tool to check database content. And I would like to use it on my development server. It’s quite simple and straight forward steps.

You will need root privilege to install this and supposed to be mysql installed and configured already.

  1. First prepare apt-get up to date
    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
  2. Install phpMyAdmin
    apt-get install phpmyadmin

    When you install and will see and option to choose a web server to choose. If you have apache2 installed, select the option. By default, it’s  blank and looks like chosen but actually need to press space key to select. Then press tab and click OK.

    phpmyadmin install choose apache2
    phpmyadmin install choose apache2

    Another option window is asking if I want to use dbconfig-common. If you already db configured, simply choose “No”.

    phpmyadmin install config

    It will ask password for phpmyadmin user if you choose dbconfig-common as Yes. Put desired password there.

  3. Now you can try access

    phpmyadmin installed
    phpmyadmin installed