Micro ducted fan

I purchased ducted fan for quadcopter.

It’s 30mm 4 blade fan for 6mm coreless motor.

This fan is great but I wonder if I can make it.

Is it possible to make ducted fan by myself?

This is styrofoam used for construction. It’s quite hard. Not even easy to cut. Put this on the motor and grind with sand paper. 

And cut soda can using scissors make blade. All 4 should be same shape and size. 

Make some jig so that all blade could be placed with same angle and length.

Put it together with styrofoam glue.

Now make some core for motor shaft. Melt polymorph and put it on steel wire thinner than shaft. And take out steel wire after cool down. And put this in the center of propeller with glue.

It’s done. 

This one only weighs 0.15g. The original one is 0.25g.

Also I am doing thrust test. With one sell battery original one is 4.51g.

Mine is 4.82g. So it has better thrust.

Also I have made duct using this fan.

After make duct, the thrust increased dramatically. It shows 11.11g. That’s amazing. I am very satisfied with this fan. No vibration or heat from motor.

I am planning to make mini EDF plane using this.

DIY ducted fan is possible. I proved it!