Delete git repository histories

One of my site git file became too big, and took long time to clone.
So I had to clean it.

1. Checkout

git checkout --orphan latest_branch

2. Add all the files

git add -A

3. Commit the changes

git commit -am "commit message"

4. Delete the branch

git branch -D master

5. Rename the current branch to master

git branch -m master

6. Finally, force update your repository

git push -f origin master

To be a good house keeper.

Easy and fast git commit

I am sick and tired with typing git commands.

So I decided to use short and quick for git.

First create file

#!/bin/bash -e
git pull
git add . -A
git commit -m "$commit_message"
git push

Then add short command on .bash_profile

alias commit="~/path_to_sh_file/"

Now, it’s ready to use. Restart terminal.

And just type like this,

commit 'this is test commit'

Works great, I can save 10 second per commit.

Usually I push the changes like 100 times, then I save 1000 seconds.

1000 seconds / 60 = 16 mins

I can save 16 mins per day!