Syntax highlighter for WordPress

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While I was posting some code on my blog, the codes are not showing correctly. I post like Javascript, PHP or Shall command as well.

So I have searched for it.

There’s Enlighter plugin which makes codes beautiful.

WordPress Enlighter Plugin

Before enable the plugin, looked plain text. And codes are always messed up. After publish, the new line disappeared and even codes are changed. Like this…

Before applying enlighter plugin

And after plugin enabled.

After applied enlighter plugin

Looks cool, huh?

Also it provides plain text with popup and we can hide line number as well.

While I was searching for syntax highlighter plugin, I found WYSIWYG beautifier as well.

We need two plugins enabled. CodeMirror File Editor and HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter.

codeMirror file editor screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-10-41-51-am

This makes edit text using text field a lot easier.

It shows like this.

syntax highlighter for WordPress

What a colorful world!

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