Gmail setup on iPhone Mail app using manual setup

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Sometimes I am embarrassed when I don’t know how to set up Gmail on my iPhone manually.

There’s gmail app, also you can choose gmail in Mac Mail app.

Here’s two way to setup on Mail app.

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Account > Add account
  2. Choose Google and Sign in using gmail account.

Another way is putting port and mail server name manually.

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Account > Add account
  2. Choose other. Put the information.
    Incoming mail server host name is setup on iPhone Mac mail
  3. Choose SMTP and put SMTP server information.
    This is about outgoing mail server.
    Host name:
    SSL: Enable
    Server Port: 587
    After put information click Done.
    mac mail setup on iPhone mac mail setup on iPhone
  4. Tab advanced. In incoming settings, use below information.
    Use SSL: Enable
    Server Port: 993

That’s about it.
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